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Welcome to the City of Glens Falls.
"Gateway To The Adirondacks"
Glens Falls NY .com is the premier online guide to the City of Glens Falls & Queensbury, New York showcasing hundreds of exciting attractions throughout Glens Falls and the Adirondack region of Upstate New York. We invite you to take a virtual tour of some of our most popular travel destinations throughout Warren County, Washington County, Saratoga County & Essex County featuring the historic communities of Saratoga Springs, Lake George, Queensbury as well as the Albany-Capital District. The City of Glens Falls is known as the "Gateway To The
Crandall Park
War Memorial
Adirondacks" because of its unique location bordering the very edge of the Adirondack Park. Each year, Glens Falls welcomes thousands of visitors traveling to the Lake Champlain Valley and Adirondack mountains of upstate New York. Glens Falls is famous for its quintessential charm and small town appeal and the city has recieved numerous awards and designations including Look magazine's "Most typical" small city designation in 1944, Readers Digest selection as one of the top 3 places to raise a family in the U.S., and US News ranking of Glens Falls as one of the top 300 places to live in the United States.
The Glens Falls region offers visitors a rich variety of historic, artistic and cultural attractions. The city is home to the Glens Falls Symphony Orchestra and the Glens Falls Conmmunity Theater
which perform throughout the year. Glens Falls also boasts two beautiful parks including the Crandall Park with its extensive xc-ski trail system, numerous historic landmarks, lovely gardens and magnificent Crandall library building.The Glens Falls Civic Center provides year-round entertainment and sporting events and is home to the Adirondack Ice Hawks hockey team of the UHL, the Adirondack Wildcats of the USBL and the New York State Boys Public High School Basketball tournament. Nearby Gore Mountain also offers a multitude of winter sports and excellent downhill skiing. Glens Falls famous "Home Town" appeal as well as its proximity to major resort destinations like Saratoga Springs, Lake George and the Albany-Capital district truly make it the "Gateway To The Adirondacks." gives you everything you need to know to plan your trip online when visiting Upstate New York and the Adirondack Region.

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Historical Sites in Glens Falls

The Feeder Canal - Across from this historic canal is a hydro-electric power-plant on the Hudson River at Glens Falls. The canal was created circa 1820 to feed water into the Champlain Canal. During the early 19th Century the New York State Canal System served a crucial portion of the state's economy. In Glens Falls, lime, marble, lumber, and agricultural products were shipped from the docks at the base of Canal Street.

Fort Amherst Road - Located near this road is the location where Fort Amherst once was. The fort is no longer extant, however portions of the wood foundations were known as late as 1880. The fort constituted a block house marking the half-way point on the road between Fort Ann and Fort William Henry at the head of Lake George. This Fort system, erected by the British, was built to secure the northern territories of the colony from incursions from the French during the French and Indian War. A restored fort house complex is available for viewing in the nearby town of Fort Ann.

Civil War Monument - A limestone obelisk located in the intersection of Glen, South, and Bay streets, only soldiers from the Civil War are listed on the monument. Many battles of the war are listed.

Quaker Meeting House - The Quaker Meeting House, an Italianate edifice on Ridge St. was built in 1875, and originally contained no heating system.

DeLong House - Presently the home of the Glens Falls/Queensbury Historical Association and the Chapman Historical Museum. A Greek Revival and Second Empire edifice on the corner of Glen and Bacon Streets. A Queen Anne style Carriage Barn also sits on the property.

In 1864 there was a massive fire that destroyed most of buildings in the central business district. The oldest building in Glens Falls, located in the downtown area, is one of the few buildings in the city that predates 1864. The stone and brick structure at the bottom of the hill was erected circa 1815 and served as Calvin Robbin's Blacksmith Shop.

Glens Falls Hospital - Founded in the summer of 1897 by a group of twelve local physicians, the Glens Falls Hospital was meant to serve the entire Upper Hudson River Valley. Solomon A. Parks generously donated his home in Glens Falls for the original hospital. The present structure has been extensively modified, enlarged, and modernized several times to better serve the needs of the community, and currently serves as the fast-response trauma center for the region. The hospital is now the area's biggest employer.

Charles R. Wood Theater - This theater opened in 2003 on Glen Street, in the heart of Glens Falls. A former Woolworth store for years, it is now the home of the Adirondack Theatre Festival during the summer months, and introduces culture and theatre into the surrounding community. The theater is named for the late Mr. Wood, who was a successful local entrepreneur and founder of The Great Escape theme park, located between Glens Falls and Lake George.

The Hyde Collection - The center among a triplet of revival type residences constructed for the daughters of Samuel Pruyn, the Hyde is today a world class museum of European, American, and contemporary art. The principal collection is presented in its original domestic context as a private collection.

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First Presbyterian Church - The fifth house of worship of this Congregation chartered in 1803 was constructed in 1929. A gothic revival design by Ralph Adams Cram, is among the most outstanding buildings in Glens Falls. Cram was also contracted subsequently by St. Mary's Parish to design the Academy building of the same name on Warren Street.

Crandall Public Library - While the library had existed since 1893, it did not have its own permanent home until 1931, with the completion of the library building in City Park, on property willed to the library by local entrepreneur Henry Crandall. The building was designed by Charles A. Platt; it was renovated and expanded in 1969, and is presently undergoing a major renovation and expansion involving the demolition of the 1969 addition. The library is a part of the Southern Adirondack Library System.
(above historical information by Wikipedia)

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